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Comprehensive range of smart solutions for material flow and logistics needs. We design, manufacture, assemble, install, repair, maintain, modernize and inspect crane systems of all sizes, from lightweight workstations to large-span high-capacity cranes.


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Wall Mounted Cranes

Elevating Precision with Wall Mounted Cranes

Wall Mounted Cranes are versatile material handling solutions designed for maximizing space efficiency and enhancing productivity in industrial environments. Mounted on walls or existing structures, these cranes offer superior load handling capabilities while minimizing floor space usage.

Discover the epitome of lifting precision with our state-of-the-art Wall Mounted Cranes, meticulously engineered by Fab Infra Solution. Designed for efficiency, safety, and space optimization, our Wall Mounted Cranes redefine how heavy loads are handled in industrial settings. Our Wall Mounted Cranes are ingeniously designed to maximize your floor space. By being mounted on walls, these cranes ensure minimal interference with your workspace, allowing seamless operation even in confined areas.

At Fab Infra Solution, we understand that every industry has unique lifting requirements. That’s why our Wall Mounted Cranes come with a high degree of customization. From lifting capacities to reach lengths, we tailor our solutions precisely to your specifications. Crafted from robust materials, our Wall Mounted Cranes are built to withstand heavy loads and demanding industrial environments. They are engineered for longevity, ensuring your investment provides lasting value.

Wall Mounted Cranes Applications

Manufacturing Facilities : Wall Mounted Cranes facilitate the movement of heavy machinery and raw materials in manufacturing plants.

Warehouses : Efficiently handles loading and unloading tasks, optimizing warehouse space and streamlining logistics.

Workshops : Ideal for assembly lines and workshops, enabling precise positioning of components and equipment.

Construction Sites : Wall Mounted Cranes are used for lifting construction materials to various heights, improving construction efficiency

In summary, Wall Mounted Cranes are indispensable tools for industries looking to enhance lifting efficiency while maximizing their workspace. Their precision, adaptability, and safety features make them a valuable asset in modern industrial setups.