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Comprehensive range of smart solutions for material flow and logistics needs. We design, manufacture, assemble, install, repair, maintain, modernize and inspect crane systems of all sizes, from lightweight workstations to large-span high-capacity cranes.


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Goliath Cranes

As the name connotes, a Goliath Crane is a huge structured crane that is mainly used for various types of industrial works. It is used to handle the extreme type of heavy loads that are found in many industrial applications.

We manufacture both single girder or double girder Goliath cranes as well as Semi-Goliath cranes which utilises only one side of supporting steelwork and one floor mounted rail.

These cranes are typically associated with outdoor applications such as assembly areas, moving equipment around a stock yard or loading and unloading directly onto trailers. However, these can be used inside where the existing structure is not adequate for additional loading of steel work or where free standing steel work is not possible.